Gift tips and games for a fun children's day!

Believe! Your children will have an unforgettable day!

Gift tips and games for a fun children's day!

Believe! Your children will have an unforgettable day!

One of the most awaited days for children is coming: Children's Day! (Learn why they deserve a day to themselves by clicking here ).

After all, it's a special day, designed to celebrate this wonderful stage that is childhood .

And to give them an amazing day and make them feel even happier, we've separated some suggestions for gifts to be used in fun games!

Check out:

Head lamp

How about playing hide and seek at night with the kids?

With the Head Lantern, the game is much more fun and different.

Nerf water launcher

With this heat, children love to play with water and when we put together a Nerf water launcher with the catch-up game, the game gets even better.

You can mix food coloring with the water that will supply the Nerf Water Launcher.

So, just establish the goals of the game: tinting as many people with your color.

water balloons

Burning is a very cool game and it was certainly part of many people's childhood.

Just divide the kids into two groups, and use water balloons to hit your opponent.

guess what it is

Fill a bowl or bucket with jelly and some small objects such as carts, dolls, Lego, (remembering that one of them should be the tip for the gift that the child will receive).

Blindfolded, the child will use their feet to pick up toys and try to guess what they are.

When guessing her toy, just celebrate a lot and give it to her.

Treasure hunt

One of the kids' favorites!

The secret is to create easy and fun clues for children to follow until they find the treasure.

The treasure could be that toy she wanted so much, or you could give small gifts (like treats) with each clue discovery.


Take a puzzle considered easy and agree with the children that, for each completed hopscotch course, they will receive pieces of a puzzle.

The challenge is in everyone playing hopscotch and putting the puzzle together at the end.

Trust me, they will fondly remember those moments together and in the end, their smile is the reason for all this, isn't it?

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