How to optimize your performance by studying at home

Tips for learning even more with online classes

How to optimize your performance by studying at home

Tips for learning even more with online classes

The routine of most students has been very challenging, when they are faced with a new way of studying, which was once an option, but now has been the only solution, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

What has been required of each of them, a lot of discipline to not affect their productivity.

Factors such as creating a routine and directing some habits can help to make studying moments more focused and productive.

Therefore, I invite you to take a look at these interesting suggestions to help you study more efficiently, through online classes.

Focus is everything!

When using your smartphone, tablet or laptop to study, you are likely to be distracted by accessing sites other than the study site.

Thinking about it, Google created a tool called "Productivity Owl", which blocks the sites that you decide to block in that period, helping you to focus on your studies, without distractions.

Strategy and planning

If possible, develop a routine at a time when you feel most productive.

Set a fixed time each day to study and the content you need to study.

With a variety of applications for this purpose, you will find good options to improve your organization with the contents and materials to be studied, monitor your performance, quantify the hours dedicated to studies and have a graph that shows the result of all this dedication.

An example of this is the application, which is nothing more than a task manager, with an easy interface, which allows you to organize your tasks (by typing or by voice) and when finished, delete them from your schedule.

If you prefer to write it down on an agenda or board, it is also a great alternative to organize your ideas and keep you focused on your goals.

Anticipate yourself!

Instead of waiting for the day or week of exams, look for tools on the internet that offer questionnaires with the content you have been studying.

Thus, you will have an idea of how much you have learned and what content needs to seek more information.

Take advantage of opportunities

There are usually study groups with teachers or even organized by classmates and this is a great opportunity to learn, debate and share knowledge.

With digital platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams , these meetings are guaranteed with quality, several tools available for free and with the interaction of everyone simultaneously.

Good studies!

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