What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Child for Back to School

After all, a new scenario appears and it is necessary to know how to deal with it!

What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Child for Back to School

After all, a new scenario appears and it is necessary to know how to deal with it!

The entire world has been affected and has suffered the consequences and consequences of this terrible pandemic.

A mixture of feelings hangs in the air, divided between mourning the loss of so many lives and the hope that, with people having access to the vaccine, we will be able to breathe with a certain relief and glimpse a happier and more promising future.

Some countries are already slowly returning, with their routine activities, such as completely or partially reopening their leisure environments, as well as their school activities.

And talking about going back to school, there is no denying that students will have to deal with a new scenario, which includes extra care with hygiene, different types of social distance, among other things.

Preparing them for this return can help make this transition from remote to in-person study smoother and safer.

Therefore, the question that remains is: what can parents and guardians do to facilitate this process?

have a frank conversation

It is important to expose your children to the possible scenario they will experience.

A direct conversation, however, affectionate can help them to better adjust expectations.

For example, if in your country the use of masks and temperature measurement at school entrance is still mandatory, your children need to know to be prepared for that moment.

And speaking of the masks...

Show exactly how it should look on your child's face, as well as the need to change it every 2 hours.

Prepare a kit of clean masks and where those that have already been used should be put on.

Even causing some discomfort, the masks are still strong allies to reduce the chances of contracting the virus.

Limited show of affection

Missing friends, teachers and even the school routine can make your children forget the importance of social distance.

It's still not possible to hug, kiss or sit with classmates.

If possible, show how distant it should be, emphasize the need not to share any kind of material, be it a simple pencil.

Even though this sounds a little depressing, luckily many people manage to smile with their eyes, show affection in their tone of voice and even with their good energy.

Emphasize this to your children!

School supplies, a little different

In addition to standard school supplies, you should include alcohol gel, sanitizing wipes, and whatever else you think is necessary for your child to have proper hygiene and minimize the chances of contamination.

A good opportunity to teach empathy

When people understand that, when they decide to take care of themselves, they will also be taking care of their neighbors, empathy comes to fruition.

Family, friends and classmates are also in this fight against this terrible virus, so collective empathy can ease everyone's burden and kindle hope that better days will come, and they will!

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